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Watch Care

Congratulations on the purchase of your new watch! Below are some tips and pointers on how to properly care for and maintain your watch and keep it "like–new" for many years to come.

How Does My Watch Work?

Elgin Watches has some great information on how a watch works.

How Do I Care For My Watch?

Caring for your watch is essential to ensure good working order. There are a number of websites that are helpful in giving information in order to keep your watch in good condition. After all, if you have invested good money to enjoy the luxury of a quality item, doesn't it make sense to maintain it? Like any machinery, watches require tune-ups and servicing as well as repair. Every 4–5 years, a watch should be serviced completely.

In the long run, by maintaining the good condition of your watch, you will be saving yourself the expense of a future purchase to replace it. And what price can be put on the satisfaction of owning a work of quality?

Whatever value you place on your watch, be it a dollar value or emotional, it is certainly worth it!

What Is Involved In Changing The Battery?

Changing the battery should include cleaning the rubber gasket and lubricating the gasket with silicone. Also, the rubber gasket inside the crown should be lubricated to maintain the flexibility and keep the watch water-resistant. Rubber gaskets are only good for a couple of years if not maintained properly.

Can I Get More Information About Watch Maintenence?

There are many websites which give further information about watch maintenence. The ones listed below are some of the best.
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